Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The horrors of Sonic Mutation

It comes on slow. crawls up the skin. Then before you know it your cochlea get all kindsa stiff. yer limbs start movin' by they's own accord yer voice gets lower hair greasier genitals longer an meaner. Teeth might sharpen might yellow might just jump right the hell outta yer mouth. Yuh might wind up hairier er covered inna thick mosslike fuzz or ye might git slick all over like an eel or moist prick. Wings Fishtails Segmented bodies spare limbs externalized organs!

One gentlemen grew 6 feet over night 3 feet of which jus' inna neck! as he bent over to tie his shoe he collapsed in death. The poor mortician had the most awful time tuckin' em into de cremation box. His bones where on loan to the American Institute of Art and science, but where stolen in transit. My own mutation seems to be multitude of personalities that swim in and out of my mind at their own will. Radical shifts of demeanor tone behavior random acts of sexual violence true altruism but only to the very worst dregs of humanity prophesy and spontaneous ectoplasmic expulsion plague my every waking moment.
So listener beware. Experiences may vary, and your very life and worse still your eternal salvation may be endangered. Gentle reader I can spare no more time recounting the countless horrors encountered by this process, but rest assured this is a road best left untraveled by most. If you have considered all the consequences made the proper arrangements then without further adue Doctor Gaargamel Festgina shall administer your first dose!

First Dose Immortal Mice Men- I wanna' be like the Others

First of all I gotta resist tellin yuh everythin' I know 'bout this group. I first heard the immortal mice men in the late 90's on a cassette tape a friend (and at the time musical partner) had. One half of the tape was taken up by terrible but rare misfits recordings and the other half was the first 5 songs from this masterpiece. The story of this record was that it was found at a garage sale by another good friend of mines brother durring the mid-90's. Noone had seemed to be able to gleam any information about the band other than their name. I have since learned a bit about them but I have decided that it is unfair to you to further elaberate on this recording. There was such a joy in having this secret anonymous band to celibrate privatley among a small group of friends. Any way I am giving the record to you will only the title. I'm not even giving the track listing as I never had it. Thanks To Z and B Koopa for the vinyl rips! And yes they are WMA deal with it.

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