Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Second Dose - Copycat Massacre

Copycat Massacre is one of those bands that's absolutely legendary to about 27 people who were teenagers in the early o0's from a couple er three towns in Indiana. What is not known to at least 3 or 4 of those 27 people is that Copycat Massacre has two distinct periods, one exoteric and one esoteric. A lotta people saw the kinda crazy costumed live outfit that cut a slimy swatch across Indiana back in its heyday, some of them may have even heard Most Arcane Monster Group which is sorta their crowing achievement, but what you ain't heard and what you fixin' teh hear is the original recordings of copycat massacre back when they was too maniacs in a basement beatin on furniture diseased animals an broken instruments, and what you an't leant yet is that these recordings are vastly superior. Sure that later stuff is aight, but this shit is genius don't miss it! Its a two album pack featurin' How far can you get and Ercassm Tacypoc, two great records you better enjoy, or I might just seep in through through yer floor boards tonight you moist prick! All composition performance and what not is mostly by Bkoopa and Lyrch although that little fat dude who became their singer later on pops up from time to time.

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  1. I'd pieced together that it all began with Koopa/Lyrch doing crazy stuff together. I'd never heard anything though. Looking forward to it (once the download's done).

    Btw, while you're doing the blog thing you might want to check me out at - demos of the songs should be coming soon.

    And Uncanny Tom McSod at

    Bjart Goddamn Sod

  2. And I shit you not

    the image verification thing for that last post was "goiti" which I can only imagine is New Jersian for fish.

  3. Yeah The formation of what most people know about copycat was kinda strange ' cause lurch and I were doing weird crazy noisey recordings in basements and garages....and lurch and koopa were doing weird crazy noise things in basements and garages...then we formed a live band that sounded nothing like that at all and called it copycat massacre...then at some point all three of us got together to form maggot babies which is a bunch of weird noisey recordings in basements and garages!